Podcasts: Entertained and Informed

fa-calendar-o June 27, 2016 fa-user-o Ranie Santos

Several months ago, I was thinking of ways to keep myself occupied and entertained with media that I don't need to keep my eyes on.

An obvious option would be to just listen to music. But in my case, I quickly get tired of listening to the same songs repeatedly and I also don't update my music library very often. So then I decided to try listening to podcasts. I reviewed a few top charts, browsed recommendations on some sites, and I easily found ones that I enjoyed.

At first, I was only listening to podcasts related to comedy, comic books, and gaming. But when I started listening to ones that were about tech news, coding, and web development, I then realized that I've not only found an alternative source of entertainment, but also a source of valuable information.

I've been listening to podcasts for months now and I've enjoyed the experience. Every now and then I would pick up useful bits of information and valuable insights from them, even from the non-tech-related ones! Not only that, I have even discovered useful software from them.

If you want to fill the silence with enjoyable and potentially informative content, give it a shot right now.

Below is a list of my personal favorite tech podcasts:

  • Coder Radio
  • Does Not Compute
  • Full Stack Radio
  • Laravel News Podcast
  • Linux Action News
  • Linux Unplugged
  • North Meets South Web Podcast
  • ShopTalk Show
  • Syntax
  • Twenty Percent Time