Hello there, my name is Ranie Santos and I live in the Philippines. This site is a place where I dump and share what is on my mind, my learnings, and my opinions on all kinds of topics, but mostly about technology and the web.

I fa-heart the web

I enjoy learning various new concepts in web development. I make stuff with CSS, JavaScript and modern PHP. I specifically work with the frameworks Laravel and Vue.js. I care a lot about clean and tidy code. I think code linting should be an essential part of anyone's coding workflow.

I fa-heart Linux

I'm a Linux enthusiast. Ever since I switched to Linux, it has always made me feel at home because it gives me a level of freedom, power, and control that I can't get elsewhere. It's the perfect operating system for someone like me who is a tinkerer and a huge nerd.

I fa-heart podcasts

I really like listening to podcasts. Besides being a time killer and source of entertainment, I also learn a lot of things and get relevant updates about tech from them.